August 11, 2016

IP Quest



This unique and powerful training method is the most engaging way to learn about the protection of ideas and innovation.


Top 3 Benefits:
1. Effective: a stimulating game-based approach to a subject which is difficult to grasp through conventional training methods.
2. Intensive: understand all types of intellectual property rights, their cost and how they inter-relate, all in a single training session.
3. Valuable: increase operational efficiency by communicating more effectively with IP professionals, be able to recognise protectable intellectual assets and understand how to use intellectual property rights strategically in your organisation.


Who should attend
The workshop is designed to benefit professionals who work, or expect to work, in the following job functions:
R&D directors and managers, legal, creative and marketing directors, design managers, engineering executives, brand development and product development managers, leaders of innovation initiatives and anyone wishing to involve innovation as a core business strategy.
The workshop is also designed to benefit those who work, or expect to work, in corporate legal departments and IP departments.


What others say
“IP Quest offered an excellent opportunity for both lawyers and business colleagues to understand the importance of intellectual property rights to the Department and the importance of their early protection. I was impressed by how effective the teaching methodology was.”
Dr Gisela Davis, Department of Commercial and Employment Law, DEFRA
“After playing IP Quest the interactions between the various forms of legal protection for ideas became clear. A wonderful experience!”
David Green, Tutorial Fellow at the School of Business, Management and Economics, University of Sussex.
“The workshop proved to be invaluable to the businesses that we are currently working with. I would highly recommend this workshop.”
Carrie Wootten, Digital Creative Industries Network Manager, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication
“I didn’t expect learning about intellectual property law to be this enjoyable!” Participant on NESTA’s Insight Out program.