Independent Intellectual Property Services


Strategic thinking and careful planning delivering a coherent IP landscape for your business


Helping you to assess intellectual property assets, conduct patent searches and analyse the results. Enabling you to make confident decisions and ensure that effective intellectual property management is happening at the core of your organisation.

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Unbiased expert opinion

Unbiased, objective, expert guidance. Listening to you and giving direct, relevant and practical advice. Providing professional skills. – assessment of intellectual property assets, including IP auditing.
– preliminary patent searches and results analysis. – patent drafting. – preparing responses to office actions. – interim IP management. – licensing advice. – IP training and awareness.

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Advice & Support

Helping start-up companies, academic institutions and corporations alike. Experience in a diverse range of sectors, from semiconductor fabrication to product design, from nanoscale engineering to telecommunications. Understanding how intellectual property fits into your business and how your next step is going to increase the value of your intellectual property portfolio.

About Ben

IP consulting IP auditing patent drafting

Ben Williams is a freelance IP consultant and patent attorney and has been providing services to the patent profession, SMEs and academic institutions for a number of years. Ben’s experience includes IP consulting and management, including IP auditing and evaluation, patent drafting, patent landscaping and patent scope assessment. Ben has also been closely involved with Technology Transfer in the public sector, including business planning, licensing and commercialisation. Ben now works with Universities, SMEs, law firms and entrepreneurs and provides IP awareness and IP training for product designers, engineers, physicists, graphic designers, artists, undergraduates and postgraduates.


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